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Good Words

Friends, my playlist is about to get a major Mama makeover. Elliott and I have never been the kind of parents to keep our preferred music away from our son. Sure, some of the content got watered down once little man’s ears started to pick up on words, but we never fully converted our music of choice over to a Kidz Bop-approved variety. Over the last year or so, Brooks – our son who is now five years old – has taken a special interest in singing along with me to the songs that are on my playlist. We sing in the car, he sings along with the music while I work out or while we run down back country roads. It’s kind of become our thing. When we get to the songs that are filled with uplifting messages – messages that reinforce our faith or encourage self-confidence – I always say, “Listen, buddy! These are good words.” After a few months of me reminding him to pay close attention to the lyrics in certain songs, Brooks has now started to ask me, “Mommy, are these good words?” wh

Austin Fitness Project

At the end of 2017, I was struggling to find the best version of myself in a lot of ways. One of those was fitness. I asked my husband, who I met in 2003 when we were both running cross country for a little college in North Carolina, to start training me. Three months in, his workouts had done more to change my body than anything I had tried on my own for the last several years.

We decided to document our new fitness journey as a way of holding ourselves accountable in finding our best selves, and hopefully inspiring other folks to do the same. In March 2018, the Austin Fitness Project (AFP), was born on Instagram. It is not only keeping us accountable in our workouts and nutrition, it is also helping us reconnect over a joint project that we are both so passionate about.

If you're looking for a little fitness/wellness inspiration, we would love for you to be a part of our conversation. Follow along with us on Instagram (@austinfitnessproject) - cheers to finding our best selves!


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